Office 365 Admin Center switches with Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Microsoft recently announced that it will switch users of the Office 365 Admin Center to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and the process will take place in the coming few weeks. The switching will be made by swapping the URL links of Office 365 Admin Center management portal with a new address. With this change, users will simply get directed to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center management portal besides staying on Office 365 Admin Center.


Though the Microsoft 365 Admin Center was introduced previously in March as a tool for firms with Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions, the action switching accounts will take further time. Attaining higher popularity since November, Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions have spread their services to provide access to licenses for using Office 365 services, Azure Active Directory Premium, Windows 10, and the Enterprise Mobility + Security mobile management suite (Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management).

Brian Besand, the product-marketing manager at Microsoft 365 also mentioned, “If you’ve used the Office 365 Admin Center before, the experience will feel very similar. The navigation is the same, and you’ll have the same granularity of control over your environment.”

Besand said that IT pros get changed to use Microsoft 365 Admin Center and added to this that the links to all the specialty admin tools for services like OneDrive and SharePoint conveniently linked in the left navigation pane. Moreover, the bookmarks built in the Office 365 Admin Center will work in the same way.

The arrival of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center for business will rely on when it comes up for specific Office 365 ownership, or when Microsoft interchanges the Office 365 Admin Center URL links. Although it was not declared by any of the officials, Microsoft seems to retire the Office 365 Admin Center with this change.

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