A Powerful new Kinect Hardware to be Launched in 2019, Says Microsoft

Microsoft is coming up with a new powerful Kinect, which is a piece of hardware with a small yet powerful form factor. Named as Project Kinect for Azure, the product will include some of the latest sensors as well as a number of computing power on board. It will further incorporate Microsoft’s highly advanced time-of-flight sensor, which is utilized for 3D imaging, along with other out-of-the-box sensors.

Microsoft Kinect Hardware

Instead of a new direct-to-consumer device, it is a sensor kit for the developers to make into their own products. However, it is a great piece of news in itself that the company is still continuously developing on the Kinect platform.

This newly developed motion-sensing input device by the renowned American Multinational Technology Company has been tailored especially for the Xbox 360, Xbox One video gaming consoles and to be used with the MS Windows personal computers. It will also benefit the health care industries to track patients’ movements in physical therapy.

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