Top four brilliant features of Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a part of Office 2016 productivity suite and known as a database program. It is used for collecting as well as arranging the information. Often gets confused with MS-Excel, although both are different application software.MS-Excel is a spreadsheet application, used for financial calculations and easy learning whereas, MS-Access is a database application, used for collecting, storing, and manipulating a large amount of data. Difficulty in learning and using it makes the handling easy.

Microsoft Access will automatically get installed on Office setup 365 as part of new Office productivity suite update. It runs on Windows 7 and on the latest operating system. It is used for the small business purposes.Here, in this article know about MS-Access and 4 brilliant features of it.

Microsoft Access, office 2016

Microsoft Access is a part of Office 2016 productivity suite and known as a database program. It is used for collecting and arranging the information.

Check out the 4 brilliant features of MS-Access-

  • Using VBA Code the developers can create custom solutions

The developers with the help of VBA code can create custom solutions for their database program. The code is referred to as a productive programming language that contains the code or command for a particular program.This feature actually helps the developers to extend the basic custom end-users solution to the professional users by using the latest automation, error trapping, multi-user support, and the data validation tool.

  • Tell me function

With this feature, it helps the users’ with the forms, queries, tables, and reports which can be created easily. All you need to click on the question mark and enter your queries in the search box.This function can be found in the application search bar and it is the replacement of the traditional paperclip assistant ‘Clippy’.

  • Exporting the data

This feature is quite productive for the huge amount of linked data collected from the different sources. With the help of this feature, you can actually export your linked data to MS-Excel.

  • Updated templates

In the latest MS-Access (to download, you need to visit you are equipped with the updated and simple templates. It allows you to create database easily and change them into a brilliant custom application without been pro user.

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