November 20, 2018 – download & install Office com setup | office setup

Get a quick start with the latest, contemporary version of Microsoft Office setup for Mac. Create unbeatable presentations using discrete features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, and other apps of Office productivity. Mac version of Office setup is a comprehension of Office and unique Mac features you can rely on.

Find new and better features that you need to create quick and creative documents more efficiently with built-in automated design and research tools. Much more than what mentioned, you can collaborate, edit in real-time, work from any location, share file and folder to multiple users at the same time, use better chart and graphics option with the online version of Microsoft Office setup. go to or Microsoft Office 365, and install the software.

Office Com Setup for Mac

You can easily install Office setup on Mac if you have an account on or on Microsoft Office 365 web page. To install the licensed version of the productivity suite, it is mandatory to have a licensed Office setup product. To know how download, install and activate Office com setup on Mac, refer to the information below.

Please note that the steps for subscribed users of Office for home and Office for business may vary slightly.

How to download & install Office setup on Mac?

  1. Visit and sign in if you have logged out from your last login. You can also use your Microsoft Office 365 account download install Office setup
  • If you do not have an existing account on, then create a new account to proceed
  1. Enter your product key associated with the purchased product or if you do not have a licensed Office setup then purchase a subscription whether online or offline
  2. Now, redeem the Office setup product key and enter it to its respective field at
  3. Submit and go to your profile
  4. An offline installer option will be available on the main page, click Download
  • The download option varies as per your subscription
  • If you have subscriber from the main Microsoft Office 365 account
  1. Click the option as you see
  1. From here, you can download Office com setup on your Mac
  2. To install the suite, open Microsoft Office installer.pkg, the recently downloaded file
  3. A dialogue box to ‘Install Microsoft Office for Mac’ will open up, click Continue
  4. Mark agree to the license agreement page and click continue
  5. Select a location where you want to install the Office setup files, or to save it at the default location, click OK and/ or Install
  6. When prompted, enter Mac login password
  7. Click install software
  • Do not suspend the ongoing installation process

Now, to confirm if the software is installed in its latest and active version, launch an app and see if any highlighted option of Reactivate software is visible. If the option is available, you will need to activate the suite.

Follow the steps to get its latest and active version of office setup activation on Mac

  1. Click Dock in Mac and then click Launchpad icon to explore all the options
  2. Select an option of Microsoft Office application, say Microsoft Word
  3. Click and continue to activate Office setup
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete Office com setup activation process

Microsoft Office setup is now activated. When you have an online subscription from or from Microsoft Office 365 setup account, you can use online as well as a desktop version of Office setup.

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