December 4, 2018

Office 365 Login – Microsoft Office 365 Account – Office 365 Setup

Integrating best-in-class productivity apps like Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and much more, MS Office suite has made it easier to create an attractive presentation in no time. Putting forward countless innovative ideas such as inking feature in PowerPoint and smart charts in Excel, and much more, users can make their task easier just by Office 365 login. Once you go to your profile, you can use work on online office com setup as well as you can download the desktop version of the productivity suite.

Since the graph of users working on online Office com setup has increased, the requirement of Office 365 has raised proportionally.

Are you facing problem to access your account?

General problems that hinder you to access your Office 365 login are multiple accesses with the same subscription, or it could be multiple attempts to login with an incorrect password and so on. There could be various reasons that can make you lose the access of Office 365 login.

However, your Office com setup account will be resort by the help of expert service provider or by following some troubleshooting steps. Yet, it is necessary to take care of your in order to keep the access of your subscribed Microsoft Office Setup account.

  • While you set a password, make sure you choose a strong password, which is not very obvious to guess and keep the passwords changing, it will help you keep the account safer.
  • Add security question to keep the login protected. Since, Office 365 offers the subscription for multiple devices, which can be accessed by different users. Make sure you share the details or use the credentials to the mentioned number of devices and not exceed them; it can also because you lose the access.
  • In case, you change your phone number and stop using the older one, must update the account with the active number you use. It helps you to login faster in case you are in problem with some Office 365 login error.
  • Email account will be protect to keep your account secured. This is the most basic step to secure your Office com setup account, because once you lose the access to your email account, it will become complex to recover the account.

If you keep these key points in mind, you account will stay protected and will be easy to recover.

How to recover your Office 365 login?

  1. Open an updated browser and go to
  2. Click sign in and in the space, enter you email address or phone number that you used to sign up for an account
  3. Click next
  4. On the next page, Click ‘Forget my password’
  5. Recover your account page will open, click next
  6. You will receive a code if you have created you account using your phone number, or if you used an email address to create your, a link will be sent to the registered email address
  • Account created using phone number – Enter the code on the next page
  • Account created using email address – Click on the link in the email to get redirect to create a new password page
  1. Set a new password that must follow the guidelines of the Office 365 setup login
  2. Complete the steps and set a security question to add an extra layer for account protection

Your account access is now regained. Make sure you follow the key points to hold the access of you own account. However, if any trouble takes places to recover your account, connect with an expert to get the fix.


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