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Ms office enables its users to explore the possibilities of representation. No matter if it is the field of business, education, or personal, there is a wide array of options offered by MS Office. The selection of Office utilities has made the way of organizing, sorting, sharing, and saving the data in an ultra smart way.

Although the company provides free trial versions for a limited period with a set of basic features, you can access advanced features with an Office Setup subscription. To purchase a product, you must follow a few standards.

Requirements before installing Office setup:

  • Check the RAM requirement of the product prior to its purchase and switch accordingly.
  • Uninstall the older version of Office setup from your PC in order to avoid any kind of software conflicts and device performance.
  • Make sure your browser does not have extensions installed on it that block the download or installation of Office product. In such a case when your browser does not allow to proceed further to purchase or install Office setup, remove the extension and change your browser settings to default.
  • Also, install the latest version of the web browser you are using an older version might respond slowly or hinder the process. Please note that the steps to install and activate Office setup might vary slightly depending on the web browser and the version you are using.
After you meet all the requirements and criteria, you are now ready to carry on the process to purchase an Office product.

How To Get Office Setup Subscription?

  1. Open a web browser and go to to get directed to the main Office My Account page
  2. Click on the Sign in button and enter your login details associated with your Office account
    • If you are not an existing user, select “Create a new account” option
    • Enter an email address existing on some domain or you can go with the other options available below the field to create an account
    • Enter rest of the details and follow the prompts and steps to sign up
    • Use the detail to office 365 login
  3. On your profile, go to the top menu and select ‘Products’ option
  4. Under the listed drop-down menu choose a product you want to know more about (such as list of Services and pricing and validity)
  5. Select the Office setup you want to purchase you will be driven to the purchase process
  6. Enter the requested details and your payment mode
  7. Complete the billing step and once done, you will get your Office setup product key through a mail on your registered email address
You have successfully subscribed to Office setup product (Home, Business, etc). Next, you need to install the product on your system so you can have easy access to all the utilities in just a single click. If you have purchased the product via an office mode i.e., from a retail store, you will get a package consisting of CD/DVD and your Office setup product key for activation. Execute the directions to install your Office product on your PC.

How to install Office Setup on your PC?

  1. In your Office account, click on the product you purchased
  2. It is either starts downloading automatically or you will be asked to enter the product key you have received for activation
  3. Click on the option of Download your Office Setup 365 if the download doesn’t start automatically
  4. After the product is downloaded, proceed to the installation process from the next step
    • If you have a disk, skip the steps above
    • Insert the disk in your computer and click on the newly appeared  local drive
    • perform the steps mentioned below
  5. Double-click on the downloaded file or Click right to choose any of the options mentioned:
    • Run as administrator
    • Office Setup
  6. Select or change the location where you want to save the software
  7. If you are asked for the admin permission, click OK or enter the password to continue
  8. Choose Country and language
  9. Enter your Office setup product key and click submit
The product will now begin to install on your Computer. Wait for a while as the process might take several minutes. Do not close the window or else it will create installation errors. Once the product is installed completely, proceed to activate your product. If you are an old user and already have the Office setup product installed, go to, login to your account and make sure you stay updated in order to maintain the subscription. Once you subscription date exceeded, you will stop receiving a number of services. To continue the access of such advanced utilities and services, follow office activation steps as instructed below.

Office Setup Activation Steps:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Office account (do not log out the account until the last step)and sign in to your Office account (do not log out the account until the last step)
  2. Click on Windows button search for Ms Office in the search space
  3. Launch a random application from the list (Word, Excel etc)
  4. If you see Activate option at the middle of the page or you see an alert banner at the top of the page, click on it and continue
  5. You are prompted to the Activation wizard
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the product key to complete the activation process

The activation of your Office Setup is now completed. To ensure, open a random utility and see if there is an alert or banner displaying on the application. If you still see a highlighted Activate option, kindly get Office Customer Support to activate the product and to fix any relevant error that you are facing.

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